No Parking markings

When a property owner desires to have more control of vehicles in it's property, markings such as these ones are a great help.

No Parking markings

When a property owner desires to have more control of vehicles in it's property, markings such as these ones are a great help.
Seal Coat VS Distressed Surface

Seal Coat VS Distressed Surface

In this picture we can see how one side of the pavement is nice and black, while the other is oxidized, worn out and distressed. Seal Coat VS Worn Out Asphalt It's important that you avoid leaving your asphalt surfaces for a prolonged time without the protective...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer quick turn around?

Yes. We offer emergency service calls for customers that need a job performed quickly. We can often prioritize this type of work in our calendars regardless of its size ahead of our other day to day projects. We know our clients need their emergency projects completed ASAP due to deadlines or liability/hazards they can be exposed to.

Are you open to working with general contractors?

Yes. We often associate and work with general contractors to help them complete the paving/grading portion of their projects. We know how to treat our general contractors well and we're always prompt, professional and reliable in all our interactions.

Do you offer guarantees?

Yes. Our work is of high quality and good workmanship. We guarantee our work to be free of cosmetic* and structural defects* in addition to workmanship defects.

Do offer monthly maintenance programs?

Yes. We offer special subscription based programs where for a good monthly/yearly fee, your property's pavement is kept well maintained. We know that maintenance of your pavement is crucial to prolong its life and reduce costly repairs in the future. And for that reason we offer this program for our clients who are proactive in taking care of their pavement at a discounted rate of what our normal rates would be.

Do you offer construction work over the weekends?

Yes. We know that for many of our clients it's imperative that their projects are completed over the weekend, and for that reason we offer special "Weekend Service"... This is to help alleviate traffic congestion in shopping centers, apartments or office buildings.

What areas do you service?

From our headquarters in Santa Clara, CA, our typical service footprint covers the SF Bay Area, including but not limited to the South Bay, East Bay, Peninsula, SF City, North Bay and Contra Costa counties. However, with the addition of our satellite locations, we can extend our service reach. We can service the coast as far down as Santa Cruz, Salinas, and Monterrey. As far up north as Santa Rosa. And as far east as Sacramento, the Sierras including Truckee and South Lake Tahoe.

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