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Stripping is a critical stage in the construction timeline, marking the transition from the initial placement and molding of the concrete or asphalt to the unveiling of the finished product. It demands precision and expertise to avoid any imperfections or blemishes on the surface, ensuring that the pavement meets design specifications and regulatory standards.


Beyond its protective qualities, sealcoating significantly enhances the visual aesthetics of asphalt surfaces. The application of a fresh, jet-black coating creates a smooth and uniform appearance, giving the pavement a newly laid look. This not only contributes to the overall curb appeal of the property but also reflects a commitment to ongoing maintenance and care.


One of the key advantages of asphalt lies in its ability to withstand heavy loads and traffic loads. Its inherent flexibility allows it to adapt to changes in temperature and load, preventing the development of cracks and ensuring the longevity of the paved surface. This makes asphalt an ideal material for high-traffic areas, providing a smooth and durable riding surface for vehicles.


Compliance with ADA standards is not only a legal requirement but also a commitment to fostering an inclusive society. In the paving industry, professionals must be well-versed in ADA guidelines to design and construct accessible spaces that cater to the diverse needs of all individuals, promoting equal opportunities for mobility and engagement.


Concrete stands as a fundamental and widely used material in the paving industry, offering durability, versatility, and strength in the construction of various structures, including roads, sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots.

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We Love Paving From Humble Beginnings

In the heart of East Side San Jose, a young boy’s footsteps echoed with the name of Fred, marking the beginning of an extraordinary tale. Years later, amidst South Modesto’s unpaved streets, that same boy—now a teenager—faced challenging times…however he yet strided forward with undying hope until later he became the founder to start We Love Paving Inc.

We Work Hard To Make Your Project A Reality

Welcome to We Love Paving—an enterprise not merely about paving pathways but about constructing the very dreams upon which lives flourish.
We share a story steeped in optimism, love, and tenacity—a narrative that celebrates the incredible resilience of the human spirit. Through each layer of asphalt we lay, we weave our compelling tale for all to see. Fred, the visionary at the helm of We Love Paving, is the epitome of true grit. Born to hardworking immigrant parents who planted their aspirations in California’s fertile lands in 1988, he had no cushion of affluent lineage or academic business laurels to fall back on. Nevertheless, his journey has been nothing short of inspirational. Through Fred’s transformative vision—the well-earned wisdom of a trailblazer—our company embodies its credo. Knowledge and insight aren’t just ideals; they represent the legacy we pass along with every project, to every client, and within our team.

We're Committed to Make Your Project A Success

We Love Paving, where our core values resonate in every handshake, every strategy, and every square foot of pavement laid.
Our work honors Fred’s parents and every parent who has ever made a sacrifice. It acknowledges the countless journeys taken—treks like that of Fred’s mother through Iztapalapa Ciudad De Mexico and his father from San Felipe de Jesus CDMX, who themselves emerged from the humble roots of Zacatlan Puebla to gift their son the chance of a brighter tomorrow. Thirty years of steadfast pursuit transformed the once-distant American Dream into a palpable reality, from 1988 to this very day.
Now, We Love Paving stands proud, rooted in family, celebrating life, and nurturing love. Our essence is a deep-seated love for humanity, and it’s with this love that we strive to embolden others worldwide to continue chasing their dreams. This is who we are.

We Love Paving So You'll Love YourPavement

This is the Philosophy at We Love Paving, Where Passion Meets Pavement. To those who read our story: may it uplift you, ignite your passion, and together, let us not only pave roads but also forge the way to a brighter future for all.
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