what to look for in ada parking #1

Signs of a Compliant ADA Parking Stall

  1. Proper Signage: A compliant ADA parking stall should have clear signage indicating it is reserved for individuals with disabilities. The signage should include the International Symbol of Accessibility and may also specify the penalty for unauthorized use.
  2. Accessible Designation: The stall should be appropriately marked with paint or signage to designate it as an ADA-accessible parking space. This marking typically includes a wheelchair symbol and is positioned on the ground within the parking space.
  3. Accessible Route: ADA-compliant parking spaces should have an accessible route from the parking area to the building entrance, free of obstacles or barriers. This route should be wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs and mobility devices.
  4. Accessible Aisles: Adjacent to ADA parking spaces, there should be access aisles that provide additional space for individuals with disabilities to enter and exit vehicles safely. These aisles must be marked and kept clear of obstructions at all times.
  5. Accessible Slope: The surface of the parking space and access aisles should have a slope gradient within ADA specifications to ensure ease of mobility for individuals using wheelchairs or other mobility aids.

Signs of Non-Compliant ADA Parking Stalls

  1. Improper Signage or Markings: Lack of proper signage or markings designating the space as ADA accessible can indicate non-compliance.
  2. Inadequate Space: ADA parking spaces and access aisles must meet specific size requirements outlined in ADA guidelines. If the dimensions are too small or irregular, the space will be non-compliant.
  3. Lack of Accessible Route: If there is no clear path from the ADA parking space to the building entrance or the route contains barriers such as steps or narrow passages, it indicates non-compliance.
  4. Blocked Access Aisles: Access aisles obstructed by vehicles, debris, or other obstacles prevent individuals with disabilities from safely entering or exiting their vehicles and signal non-compliance.
  5. Incorrect Slope: Surfaces with excessive slopes or uneven terrain within ADA parking spaces and access aisles can pose challenges for individuals with mobility impairments, highlighting non-compliance with ADA regulations.

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